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Hey guys, its JaMie ElitExDGx and This is are New website we have the best video Games Glitches on here and the Best Tutorials Please look.


Hello Welcome to Darkness Glitchers New and Official Website home page. We are here to welcome you our glitching community and great & effects. Just come in and Register. DG or Darkness Glitchers here to serve you will all this high tech glitches in video Games. We are DG and making glitching Videos with HD Quality and Awesome Effects.


WWW.DarknessGlitches.TK is the official home to the glitching clan DarknessGlitchers. DarknessGlitchers made WWW.DarknessGlitches.TK  there homepage in late 2010, however DG was created sometime around late 2008. Today the clan is reconized as one of the foremost leaders in video game glitches while having a major track record to back up the statement. There database of glitches ranges from all platforms and playable games. The clan is currently setup under two divisions, DG Films US and DG Films UK.


Latest update
New Glitches are currently being worked on.
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Hey guys, Start off by Showing your Support and Subscribing to our Videos it would be very much appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/user/JAMIExELITE   We are currently working on new glitches and we ARE also start releasing PC and PS3 tutorials.Check out our latest GoW2 Post Patch Glitchers We bring you some of the best videos every week.  Welcome,
[Subscribe] to my youtube channel it would be much Appreciated and you will be up to date with my latest video releases.For In game Tutorials on Any Glitch You MUST be Subscribed so be sure to do that for assistance.

Name: JaMie ElitExDGx

Darkness Glitchers,Gamer here to bring you the latest Glitches, Tricks that we find in video games.Montages,PC Walkthroughs, and much more.We create great tutorials for you to understand and enjoy so check it out. If you have any Questions feel free to message me here on youtube and i will try my best to answer you.If you need any help or assistance with a Glitch or how to edit videos, Quality and Finding glitches i will be glad to help you out and give you some information.   Gamertag: JaMie ElitExDGx

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